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Icebreaker Company Profile Icebreaker

"In 1994, marketing graduate Jeremy Moon met a merino grower who was using new technology to create a unique performance fabric. This fabric delivered the impossible: the key benefits of synthetics combined with the natural benefits of merino."

'The Soul of Leadership' - Deepak ChopraSoul of Leadership

"My biggest shift in awareness came when I started seeing Icebreaker as a business model. We call our model 'Ecosystem', because it balances ecology, economy and resources. Our objective is profitable sustainability."

Sunday interviews Jeremy MoonSunday

"Mr Moon wore one of the shirts for an entire week - to his surprise it didn't reek. He realised something. 'I remortgaged my house - I told the bank I was putting in a new kitchen - and quit my job.' "

Time Magazine on IcebreakerTime

"At a time when highly technical synthetic fabrics rule the sports-gear business, the idea that wool can compete seems strange. Says Moon: 'My Purpose was to create a new category around natural-tech products.' "

Harvard Business ReviewHBR

"Jeremy Moon, CEO of Icebreaker, merino wool, outdoor apparel manufacturer, believed the company could be a big hit in the United States, despite the presence of entrenched rivals. But Icebreaker clearly needed a new distribution approach."