Media Articles

Time Magazine

"At a time when highly technical synthetic fabrics rule the sports-gear business, the idea that wool can compete seems strange. Says Moon: 'My Purpose was to create a new category around natural-tech products.' "

Harvard Business Review

"Jeremy Moon, CEO of Icebreaker, maker of merino-fiber activewear, thinks about the strengths and weaknesses of staying focused on his rapidly expanding U.S. and European markets vs. broadening his attack to include China."

Financial Times

"Mr Moon wore one of the shirts for an entire week - to his surprise it didn't reek. He realised something. 'I remortgaged my house - I told the bank I was putting in a new kitchen - and quit my job, then wrote a business plan.' "

The Independent

" have an executive who, in 1994 aged 24, wrote a business plan for an international clothing company based on merino wool (then an almost unknown fibre) and found shareholders to invest $200,000."

In Business

"Our objective is to have profitable sustainability, we're not profitable if the business dies and if we are not sustainable or approaching or heading in a more and more sustainable way then we are not making the improvements we need to make within the business to be true leaders."

Kia Ora

"The Merino Sheep - all 27,000 of them - who live on Mt Nicholas Station, on the edge of Lake Wakatipu, lead a charmed life. They have 40,000 hectares of heart-achingly beautiful high-country land to roam and graze, across clear waters from Queenstown."